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The 93rd Street School is an elementary school that was designed in and was constructed in Additionally, even assuming arguendo that the carcinogenic potency factor for dioxin were reduced by a factor of 16, as suggested by one comraentor, the risk posed by the site would still be unacceptable.

It has been estimated previously that the quantity of hot-spot soils requiring remediation at the site would be approximately 7, cubic yards.

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The site would also be closed in accordance with landfill closure under 40 CFR S The constructor will initialize the instance variables of the object being constructed. Over the long-term, it is anticipated that potential exposure risks may increase since wind and surface water erosion could expose greater portions of the deeper, more contaminated soils.

The effectiveness of the low permeability cover would be better than the no-action option, however, it is necessary to continually monitor the cover to ensure erosion would not result in exposure of the hot-spot soils.

There could also be an increase in the mobility of contaminants during the solidification process over the short-term due to increased materials handling. Regardless of whether or not the site is disturbed, it is unlikely that the non-carcinogenic contaminants will pose a significant toxic effect.

It is anticipated that thermal treatment of the creek and sewer sediments would be initiated inthereby delaying excavation and treatment of the 93 Street School site hot-spot soils until that time. In addition, the soils would not require significant temporary storage prior to transportation.

Approximately four hundred 20 cubic yard truck loads of soil would have to be transported to the off-site RCRA facility. T Reduces toxicity and mobility.

They exist as trace contaminants of synthetic chlorinated aromatic compounds such as pentachlorophenol and 2,4,5- trichlorophenox- yacetic acid or, as a combustion product of chlorinated compounds.

Five PAH compounds, which were mentioned previously, found at the site have EPA ratings of probable to possible human carcin- ogens. Implementation of the no-action alternative would lead to continued unacceptable cancer risk at this site.

The lower end of the cost range for thermal treatment assumes treatment at Love Canal proper, with the byproducts meeting LDR treatment levels disposed on-site at the 93rd Street School site Option 6C. Security Class This Page None Detailed responses to the community concerns are contained in the attached responsiveness summary.

The specific characteristics and thickness of the cover would be determined during the remedial design phase. This course assumes a prerequisite knowledge of network operating systems and security concepts.

Students will develop skills in collecting, analyzing, and using information from a variety of resources in order to complete class projects. A potentially limiting factor of this alternative is the fact that prior to disposal at the off-site RCRA landfill, it may have to be demonstrated that the hot-spot soils would meet LDR requirements.

On-site thermal treatment would be performed with the intent of permanently treating the hot-spot soils so that treatment by-products would meet LDR treatment levels prior to disposal at the 93rd Street School site Case 3. These activities ensure the lifetime effectiveness of the remedial alternative selected.

During thermal treatment, air pollution controls would be required to prevent potential escape of hazardous byproducts. Containment Option 3 would not comply with the LDR requirements unless the hot-spot soils meet the treatment levels, using testing procedures such as the TCLP and 'total waste analysis.

The cover would be placed over both the hot-spot soil areas and extended to other areas which exhibit significantly lower levels of contaminated soils on-site.

As indicated in Table 3, antimony, magnesium, manganese, nickel and sodium are present in groundwater at the site exceeding criteria considered. However, as described previously, NUS Corporation detected dioxin in three surface soil samples at concentrations of 1.

On December 20,the U. Occidental at that time refused to assume responsibility for remedial action at Love Canal.

Control technologies required during implementation of this alternative would be essentially the same as those described previously for off-site RCRA landfill disposal of the soils. The containment options Alternatives 2 and 3 would reduce exposure to the waste but would not achieve a reduction in toxicity, mobility or volume through treatment.

Sponsoring Organization Name and Address U. During the treatability studies, the byproducts would be analyzed according to methods such as the TCLP and total waste analysis to determine the effectiveness each treatment procedure has in meeting the LDR treatment levels.

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The test consisted of fill-in-the-blank sentences.

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Cisy 113 fill in the blanks
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